About Us

Our Shared Passion

Amazing Lunches was born out of a shared passion that children deserve the very best when it comes to food. We believe it is essential for the health, happiness and future development of children that they are given the best nutrition daily and want to make this as easy as possible for schools to provide. We hope we can spread our service across the Greater Seattle region and provide great meals in daycares and schools, creating healthier, happier children.

About Chef Phil

Phil Lydeard has over 10 years in the food industry as a chef. Phil has worked in a variety of kitchens from Michelin starred restaurants in London to private homes in Beverly Hills. Since meeting his wife and having his first child Phil has switched gears to more accessible food, wanting to use his skills to help families and children get great meals more easily.  Phil started and ran an innovative lunch program at a start up middle and high school in LA before moving to Seattle to join Amazing Lunches. 

About Justina

Justina is extremely passionate about helping families create a fundamental foundation for children to succeed - and as a mother of six, she knows that healthy food is a core component to a happy life.

With over 10 years of experience as an inspirational coach and business owner, Amazing Lunches has been the perfect match for Justina to express her creativity in a way that benefits families across the Greater Seattle area.


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