Frequently Asked Questions

What neighborhoods do you serve?

We are currently delivering hot lunches throughout Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond.   We are open to adding new areas as opportunities arise.

What is the cost for hot lunch service?

Every school is slightly different, and so the price depends on the exact details of the service but the price per lunch generally is between $5-$9.  Please contact us for a more specific cost bid depending on age ranges, location, and circumstances.

Do you offer vegetarian options?

Yes - our daily menu is offered with vegetarian alternatives.

Does your lunch program meet national nutrition guidelines for students?

Our lunch program far exceeds the nutritional guidelines set by the Federal government.​

Is your food prepared from scratch?

Yes - we don't use canned, processed, or microwaved foods and we prepare everything fresh daily!  All of our sauces are prepared using fresh ingredients; our bread is freshly made in-house.  Food is cooked fresh at our commercial kitchen, kept warm, and delivered immediately to your kids.

How do I pay for lunches?

Method of payment depends on the arrangement between Amazing Lunches and your school.  In some situations, the parents may order from - and pay - Amazing Lunches directly (on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis), and in other situations, parents may pay the school directly (as a lunch fee).  It is also possible that the school may pay for the lunches and build the cost of the lunch program into the tuition paid.

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